10 Best Home Rental Websites in Bikaner

Kunika4444 March 6, 2024

10 Best Home Rental Websites in Bikaner

In this article, we are going to discuss about 10 Best Home Rental Websites in Bikaner. Bikaner, with its rich history and vibrant culture, has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists seeking a unique experience in Rajasthan, India. While hotels are a common choice for accommodation, the trend of renting homes has gained momentum in recent years. This shift provides travelers with a more personalized and local experience. 

10 Best Home Rental Websites in Bikaner

To assist you in finding the perfect home for your stay, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best home rental websites in Bikaner.

1. House for Rent in Bikaner

Bikaner Bazar is a global platform that connects travelers with local hosts, offering a diverse range of accommodation options, from cozy apartments to traditional havelis in Bikaner. With its user-friendly interface, Bikaner Bazar allows guests to filter their preferences, ensuring a comfortable and tailored stay. Host profiles and reviews from previous guests contribute to a sense of security and trust in the booking process.

Home Rental Websites in Bikaner

2. Booking.com

Known primarily for hotel bookings, Booking.com has expanded its offerings to include a variety of vacation rentals in Bikaner. The website’s extensive search filters allow users to narrow down their options based on budget, amenities, and location. With a reliable booking system and a vast selection of properties, Booking.com is a reliable choice for those seeking both convenience and diversity in their accommodation options.

3. Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner)

Vrbo focuses exclusively on vacation rentals, making it an excellent platform for those interested in renting a home in Bikaner. The website boasts a wide array of properties, including villas, cottages, and heritage homes. With a straightforward booking process and detailed property listings, Vrbo ensures that guests can make informed decisions about their stay. It’s a great option for those who prioritize privacy and independence during their travels.

4. Homestay.com

For travelers seeking a more intimate experience in Bikaner, Homestay.com connects them with local hosts who open their homes to guests. This platform emphasizes cultural exchange and offers a chance to live with a host family, providing insights into the local way of life. With detailed host profiles and reviews, Homestay.com ensures a personalized and enriching stay for visitors looking to immerse themselves in Bikaner’s traditions.

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5. Agoda

Agoda, a well-known platform for hotel bookings, has expanded its services to include vacation rentals in Bikaner. The website’s comprehensive search options and competitive pricing make it a convenient choice for travelers. Agoda’s loyalty program also provides additional perks for frequent users, making it an attractive option for those who value rewards and discounts.

6. TripAdvisor Rentals

TripAdvisor Rentals is an extension of the popular travel review site, offering a vast selection of vacation rentals in Bikaner. What sets this platform apart is the abundance of traveler reviews, ensuring that users can make well-informed decisions based on the experiences of others. With a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of property types, TripAdvisor Rentals is a valuable resource for those seeking authenticity and reliability in their accommodations.

7. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip, a prominent player in the online travel industry, includes vacation rentals as part of its comprehensive offerings. The website’s easy navigation and secure booking process make it a reliable choice for travelers. MakeMyTrip often features exclusive deals and discounts, providing an added incentive for those looking to save on their accommodation costs in Bikaner.

Bikaner Home Rental Websites

8. Expedia

Expedia, known for its wide range of travel services, also offers vacation rentals in Bikaner. The platform allows users to bundle their accommodation with flights or car rentals, offering a seamless booking experience. Expedia’s loyalty program provides additional benefits, making it an appealing option for travelers who prefer a one-stop solution for their travel needs.

9. OYO Homes

OYO Homes, a branch of OYO Hotels & Homes, provides a selection of standardized and affordable vacation rentals in Bikaner. With a focus on quality and consistency, OYO Homes ensures a comfortable stay for budget-conscious travelers. The platform’s easy-to-use app and website make booking hassle-free, while the OYO Wizard loyalty program offers discounts and perks for frequent users.

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10. Yatra Homes

Yatra, a leading travel company in India, offers a range of vacation rentals through Yatra Homes in Bikaner. The platform combines the convenience of hotel bookings with the comfort of home rentals, catering to diverse traveler preferences. Yatra’s reputation for reliable customer service adds an extra layer of trust for those seeking a seamless booking experience.


In conclusion, Bikaner’s charm lies not only in its historic landmarks and cultural heritage but also in the unique experiences offered by its diverse range of vacation rentals. Whether you prefer the personalized touch of a homestay or the convenience of a standardized accommodation, these 10 home rental websites cater to various preferences and budgets. As you plan your visit to Bikaner, consider exploring these platforms to find the perfect home that enhances your overall travel experience in this enchanting city. So, Now I hope you have understood about 10 Best Home Rental Websites in Bikaner.

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